Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So, I now know what the 8th circle of Hell is. It's having your husband leave on a business trip just hours before your four year-old starts puking his brains out, and then later on you start puking your brains out. Having twin one-year olds puking is not necessary, just having twin one-year olds adds enough to the circle-of-hellness in this scenario.

After being up all night with my pitiful little puking four year old, and then realizing I was about to join the club, I called in a total panic to my mom who graciously came and got the babies and took them to her house. Other things happened, but we wont talk about them here because I have to draw the line somewhere don't I? It's just too disgusting to write about, really.

But here we are, almost 48 hours later and you would hardly know we'd been struck by our own little family pandemic. I've thrown away the bathmats (they were the hardest hit), washed (and am grateful for my "sanitize" cycle) the sheets and duvet cover, the slippers, the pajamas, the towels, the underwear, etc...sprayed every single surface in my house with Lysol, scrubbed the toilets and cleaned the floors (also grateful for my Shark steam mop.) Even poor Daddy in D.C. got sick. No one was safe. Aunt Becky and Aunt Brenda fell early today and later this afternoon.

We are pretty sure it all started with Claire, hence I am going to crown her Typhoid Mary.

Lost two days of Duncan being in school and me trying to scramble to get some Christmas shopping done so now I am really behind the 8 ball but will get it done.

Iain got me set up on a laptop (hurray!) and for some reason I have not gotten around to blogging but hope to get back in the swing. I miss my "favorites" and have had to start a new list and find everyone. I don't do well with change.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh no, Christie! I am so sorry to hear that you guys have been so sick. The last time this happened to the kids and I Kev was out of town so I understand that part of it anyways. Seems to happen that way a lot around here. If you need to do any shopping or run errands I'd be happy to come watch the kiddos for you. I think the boys would enjoy playing with Duncan as well as entertaining the babies. Just let me know. Hope everyone is feeling better.

  2. Typhoid Mary. That is hilarious. (The name. Not the fact that you all have been in the 8th circle of Hell). So sorry!!