Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010, Day 2

Totally intended to blog last night but friend, I was just too frickin' tired. I know you will find it hard to believe but we've had the sick again. Lovely ulcers in tiny throats make for long nights 'round these parts. Claire had it first, as usual, and was up two nights in a row screaming her head off. Last night, Finn seemed to have it but I could not see down his throat to verify. I do not think the handle end of a pizza cutter and a Cars flashlight were the best tools to use but it was all I had, ya know? Needless to say, we say nothing but the fronts of his teeth as he clenched them shut.

So, today is Saturday but feels like it should be Monday. Duncan has been home from preschool for two weeks, and I am starting to feel his enthusiasm for being home drain and some times, my life force drain with it. I could not love that child more but instead of waking each morning asking what we are doing that day, he now asks the night before. He is up with the roosters and getting antsy by 9:30. Gratefully, this third and final week at home is a fairly busy one and ends with a bang with me off to a MOPS Steering Retreat and some serious girl time. I'd rather have a weekend away with Iain, but I'll take what I can get in the break department.

All that to say I am also adjusting my paradigm, to use a much-loved 80's term. I have had some changes in my weekly routine. No longer will I have my faithful, helpful, saintly friend Janie coming two days a week while Duncan is in school, to keep the twins for me, setting me free all on my own for hours at a time. Can you hear my tears dripping off my cheeks onto the much in need of replacing counter-top? They drip more slowly now. I am slowly but surely coming to grips with my ability to be with at least two of my three children most of the time, and certainly Claire and Finn all week. I just have to get organized and regroup. I have to find new strategies and things that work for me, and get used to it. I thoroughly enjoyed my year of having some time two days a week to do as I pleased, but I will readjust and figure it out. I am a true introvert, however, and time to myself is critical to my well-being so part of the process will be negotiating with Iain (**waving to sweet husband**) some time to myself during the week. And, it's only about 8 months until kindergarten. But that's another post for another day.

Don't think I'll make it through the Alamo Bowl, but do think Claire and Finn have finally gone to sleep and given up on being whisked out of bed.


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  1. Can't wait to see you this weekend...I'm in need of some girl time, too. I want to talk ideas on how to find some "me" time during the week.