Monday, April 05, 2010

Home Made

Our house went on the market today. When I saw the sign in the yard I got a little verklempt and felt my adrenaline surge. We have lived here since January 2000. I remember the day we moved in very clearly. There was an ice storm and the moving truck hardly made it. Since then, there have been many days and nights that have made it our home. We have endured our very darkest days here, in this house. We have also had our most joyous, light-filled days. I know, intellectually, that it is brick, mortar, wood and stone. But emotionally, it is so much more than that. It is full of memories. Duncan will most likely have few, if not foggy, memories of this home (even though the photographs of him here are in the low hundreds of thousands...) and Finn and Claire certainly wont have any.

Fortunately, I anticipate and look forward to with great joy the making of a new home. This one filled with laughter and chaos, happy holidays, birthday parties, family, friends, dinners (around a large, round dinner table that I am currently seeking out), and regular ol' nights at home as a family of five. Lots of love. Lots of good food. Lots of time. Together.

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  1. woodysgirl9:51 AM

    I can relate, Christie. 5 years ago, we sold our previous/first home, and my emotions were on overload. We bought that house in 1997... before children, but with the DREAM of children in our hearts. That house sheltered us during our own dark personal struggles, and shook with joy (and the chaos of 3 young children!) when our dreams finally came true.

    Saying goodbye to that house was like losing a dear friend. Our girls were 1, 2 and 4 when it was sold.

    BUT! Our new house (designed and built by us with sweat, tears, and love) already has so many wonderful memories, and really is our HOME. I'm okay with leaving the sad memories at our former residence. Ya know?

    Oh, and by the way... we also have a Large Round Kitchen Table. I searched for just the *right* one, and came up with a terrific pedestal model that has a leaf to allow expansion when circumstances require additional seating. I can send you pictures if you'd like to see what this type looks like.

    Hope the house sells quickly! It's a pain trying to keep it neat and tidy for those last-minute showings. :-P