Monday, April 12, 2010

Iain just left for the airport for a short (3-day) trip to SoCal (yo), Claire and Finn have been puking all morning but gratefully seem to have stopped, and I have to pick up Duncan in about an hour and a half.

We had our first open house yesterday and according to our Realtor, it was successful. She believed she only had about a ten minute window where no one was here. Let's just hope they weren't ALL nosy neighbors. And since I am the ultimate nosy neighbor, I know how important it is to go to open houses of the people on your street. I'm just sayin'. The house really does look good (see post below) and I am proud of it. I just don't want to own it anymore! I pray for our buyer, that God sends them quickly and that they are reasonable and fair.

My adult niece and her husband and baby are here from Seattle so we'll go out to my sister's and mom's after I pick up Duncan. Again, I hope the puking is over.

I'm sitting at the dining room table, looking out our huge picture window and see our lovely, shady and now very green yard, huge shade trees, and our landscape architect neighbor's red buds in full bloom and behind all that, the green belt. I would also see my red tulips but Duncan has beheaded them all.

Who wouldn't want to buy this place (besides someone who wants a huge kitchen and plenty of storage)?


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  1. Looking forward to another update soon...and hoping you get a huge kitchen and lots of storage next time around!