Friday, May 14, 2010

This morning started out better than most...I think. I was so bleary eyed I can't remember at this point. The big downfall to early bedtimes is early rising times, but our kids seem to wake up early no matter when they go to bed. It is Friday, and after my first cup of coffee things started to make sense and fall into place. I begged Duncan to stay in bed until Daddy's clock had a 7 as the first number, but it didn't work. I love you, Keurig.

We had a big birthday party at Pump It Up at 10:30, which was good. Aunt Becky and Janie came over to take care of Claire and Finn so I could take Duncan and not have to chase two babies the entire time. While I am on the subject, HUGE shout out to my sister and friend who helped me out. Duncan got to spend a solid two hours with his best buddies, and hardly noticed that I was anywhere nearby. He was a big, sweat MESS by the time they ate pizza and the joy he was feeling was obvious. Boy loves him some Pump It Up and being with his friends. After the ritual of eating/licking only the frosting and leaving the bare, naked cake he was ready to go home to see Aunt Becky and Janie. Got a precious book and lollipop the size of his head the way out the door.

Black clouds loomed but we stopped at Whole Foods because, well, they have a cupcake bar. I wanted to get something for Becky and Janie for helping me out so I let Duncan pick out their get to pick the cake flavor, the frosting flavor and the sprinkles. It's totally fun! Got our cupcakes, some milk and bananas and drove home before the skies opened up.

It's been a pretty good week...lots of time in the backyard playing with the water hose and sprinkler, and a trip to my mom's and sister's for a visit. The spring has been a great deal easier than the winter was with three small children and home and a traveling husband. I no longer feel like I will lose my mind by 3:00. Claire and Finn are fairly proficient (large scab on Claire's forehead not withstanding) at going up and down the four concrete steps onto our concrete patio. We have a good backyard for play...lots of shade, just enough sun, plenty of patio to grass ratio, and it's tidy. There is a soft, shady place for me to sit and read (!!!) in between keeping a lid on the chaos. Yes, spring is far better.

Had a surprisingly pleasant afternoon, considering we were all inside due to the storms. Duncan was pretty spent from his morning so was not bouncing off the walls, but still had the energy to entertain Claire and Finn. They think he is the funniest thing on two legs and laugh (sometimes before the tears!) and are totally enamored with him. As are we. It is good to be Duncan.

I got all three in the tub, got them fairly clean and got the babies out before someone chipped a tooth. Dinner was mandarin oranges, fish sticks, tater tots and perhaps a few cupcake remnants.

Daddy should be home by early afternoon tomorrow and not a minute too soon.


  1. Always love checking in to see how things are at your house. Sounds like all is well. How are things with the house? Are the showings driving you nuts or everything working all right?


  2. Glad you've posted something! :-) I thought maybe you were taking a break. My sister and I are thinking about starting a blog, but I think we're both filled with too much self-criticism! I'll keep you posted if we ever get something together.