Monday, May 21, 2012

Big Weekend

Whew!  Big weekend for the family.  On Friday night we had Grandpa’s birthday.  Small scale, but I did manage to whip up a home made chicken pot pie that was pretty great.  Mailed it in on the cake though, and let Costco do the work.  Bedtime?  9:00. 


On Saturday morning, Duncan had a baseball game.  Of course, no one slept late so while we weren’t totally foul, I could smell it coming.  We managed to get to the game but close to the end I decided to take the twins home…but we stayed to watch Duncan’s last at bat.  And good thing we did because he scored a grand-freakin-slam.  HUGE deal.



Back home for “rest”…well Claire slept anyway.  Was not a total loss.  Duncan had a big birthday party for a cub scout/baseball team friend so I geared up to drive him and three buddies to the party at 5:30.  Dropped them off for two hours to jump on trampolines and play dodgeball.  He got home at 8:00.  Bedtime, 9:00.


On Sunday morning, it was Sunday School.   We are making a real effort to be more consistent for the kids, realizing how much better an experience church is for them when we are so.  Got them all there and lo and behold it was petting zoo day!  Hooray! 


After some loving on all God’s creatures, we packed up and drove to my sister’s and mom’s to celebrate my oldest brother’s 63rd birthday.  He and his wife and his daughter are here from Spokane so it was a special treat.  It was a pool party and I knew our kids would swim all day, only to emerge to shove a hot dog in their pie holes and then get right back in the pool. Cramps!  Egad!  Swim time, 11:30 – 6:30.  Bedtime?  8:00.    Oh yeah, and we got to sit in my Uncle Joe’s restored ‘65 Vette.


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