Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dang we are tired.  Of course, no one is sleeping late because that would be too easy.  Sometimes I fantasize, right in the middle of the day, about having a teensy bit more control of my own life.  Want to go lie down?  Just do it!  Want to take a shower?  Just do it!  Want to sleep past 7:12 a.m.?  Just do it!  I know someday it will be that way and we'll "miss all this" blah, blahdy blah.  But dang.  For now, we are all tired. Oh, and cranky.  Duncan burst into tears no fewer than three times all before 7:50 a.m.  Claire and Finn have been up and down all day.  It's 2:30 and feels like it could easily be 5:00.  Is 5:30 too early for bedtime?  I think not.  Not a quiet week, either.  Duncan has a playdate this afternoon (please, Lordy, let him hold it together).  Tomorrow, we have chess club and baseball practice.  Thursday is a baseball game, and our niece Kathleen is going to come spend the night.  Friday is the big end of year 1st grade picnic (oh, that I'm in charge!  Of planning!).  Saturday is an open house at our neighborhood pool and a really super fun pool party and BBQ for one of is very favorite friends who lives two doors down.  Now that it's hot, they all want to go swim.  Every day.  I love them being so tired in the evenings but while school is still in session, man.  Dang.  We are tired.

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  1. woodysgirl5:44 PM

    HILARIOUS picture! That's definitely one for the scrapbook.

    I'm perpetually exhausted, and we don't even have a pool. Or preschool-aged twins. LOL