Sunday, November 03, 2013

A werewolf, a dragon and a fox walk into a bar…



Halloween 2013 was a huge success.  For the first time, I made costumes.  Well, I semi-homemade costumes I suppose…in the way that Sandra Lee “makes” lasagna.  But I was super proud of myself, especially for Finn’s totally obscure request to be the dragon from the corner of the Kizi website.  IMG_0202

So I really got my craft on and pulled out the sewing machine I’ve had for about seven years without using and threaded that bobbin and got to work.  Now I want to sew everything, which should scare everyone. 

We went to some friends house before trick or treat, fed the kids, then I took the little ones, Iain headed home to sit in the front yard, round the fire pit hand out candy and Duncan took off with four of his best pals and one of their moms, who wins the super brave mom award for taking off with five 3rd grade boys for trick or treat.  Our neighborhood is amazing all the time, but Halloween is something to behold.  The streets are lined with friends in their yards with fire pits blazing and (most) everyone is truly happy to see the kids, hand out candy and enjoy being part of our community.  There are several large yard parties, hay rides and a friend around every corner.  It’s a total blast.


We got everyone home and in bed by 9 and when I went to check on Claire I found this.


She is sound asleep, y’all.

Happy Halloween!

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