Friday, June 30, 2006

Duncan has seven teeth. Well, six and a half, with more on the way. He loves his teeth. So much that he has started biting me. Are they love bites? Why does he do this?

So, today we are going to visit a good friend of mine and her 9 month old daughter for a swim. The swimming lessons we took? I'm not sure what he learned. He does hold his breath when he goes under but really, how often is he going under? And if he does, I don't know that just holding his breath will do any good. Doesn't he need to know how to, oh, I don't know...swim? It was fun for me, though, and got us out of the house every morning.

I've lost a total of 16 pounds but am struggling a bit to get over a hump. I'd like to lose 3 more in the next two weeks, and then another 7 by August 28th, which will be my mother's 80th birthday party with lots of family and old friends. That will put me at a comfortable weight where I am not totally self-conscious. I'll still be a good 20 pounds or so from my goal, but wont feel huge and slovenly. And, I have plenty of clothes to wear at that size! That was my post-weight watchers weight four years ago and it was a pretty good one for me. Another 20 pounds after that? I'll be totally hot. I have started going back to the gym, which is great. I can leave Duncan in the child care a/k/a "Kids Activity Center" and he seems to do okay. I've left him twice and he only got upset one time, briefly, when another mom who was not me, came to pick up her kiddo. The ladies and girls are very nice and seem to be quite fond of him.

I'm keeping details a bit under wraps for now, but am planning to start my own business soon. I'm totally excited about it and think it's very unique and cool.

The money thing is much better. I only spend cash, my allowance, when I am buying something non-essential/for myself. It's funny how when it's cold cash in my wallet I'm much more reluctant to spend it. I'm a bit of a hoarder now.

Iain still needs a new job. Desperately.

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