Monday, July 03, 2006

Okay, those of you with kids who are older, bear with me. But, how freaking adorable is it when babies learn to really play peek-a-boo? Or, as we call it, Where's Duncan? When they will take anything...newspaper in our case...and pull it over their face and wait for you to engage? He first did it in the drapes, and now does it with almost anything and it's the cutest thing...evah.

The money thing is going quite well, but no real fascinating updates there. It is a challenge, but if I've got specific goals in mind, I usually do quite well (see weight loss.)

It's Independence Day here in the states and we are off to a good start. Duncan usually ends up in bed with us, which means at least he and I are up by 6:30. Today, Iain got up with us. I fed Duncan - one frozen waffle and some milk - then we read the paper and had coffee while Duncan roamed around, being mischeivous but safe. We have a small house, and one open living/dining/kitchen area, most of which is pretty well baby proofed so it's fairly easy to do some things while knowing exactly where he is and what he's doing.

Later today we'll go to my mom's and sister's, drop him off, then go see a movie and go back to their house for swimming and 4th of July festivities before bringing home an exhausted one year old. Should be a fun day! Here's a picture from LAST 4th of July. I'll try to take one today in the same place. I'm not this fat anymore!

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