Saturday, January 28, 2012

Does this post make my butt look big?



Some of you may remember this post about jeans.  I loved it and took it to heart.  I immediately got rid of my old jeans with misplaced pockets and decided I would try to find some new ones.  I am always trying to lose weight and often find myself in the trap of  “when I lose xx pounds I will _________”  i.e. buy some new jeans.  This time I just decided to do it. 

I found myself with some time on my hands last Thursday (my only day in which I have five glorious, kid-free hours) so I went into Stein Mart.  There on the clearance rag were a pair that kind of spoke to me.  I knew I wanted a dark wash, and that the pockets had to be right.  I also knew that there were probably many pairs in Stein Mart that would lead me down the wrong path so I was skeptical.  I trudged into the fitting room, braved the terrible lighting and pulled these on.  Need I even say how grateful I am that so many jeans now have some lycra?  Glory be.

I wondered how I would know about the pockets so I tried to use my phone to snap some pics. Who takes pictures of their backside, much less in a dressing room?  It was that important.  I got a couple of shots and decided that they looked like they could work.  They actually fit, which was reason enough to buy them, but I’m thinking the pockets pass the long-butt test.  What do you think?


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