Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth



Claire loves horses.  She got the Tangled set with the doll and Maximus and leaves poor Rapunzel to fare for herself while Claire and Max go have good times.  I found her four plastic horses, about twelve inches high, at my favorite thrift store a few months ago and she takes at least two of them everywhere we go.  We have Buttercup, Apple, Smoke, Brownie, Big Brownie, Maximus and Tiny Horse.  She reads books about horses and has long talked about riding one at the zoo.  A really great friend of mine gave her an unbelievable rocking horse for Christmas last year, which I think started it all.  Baby dolls lie lonely in the floor but the horses make magic happen. 

Finally, Aunt Becky made her dream come true. 

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