Thursday, May 11, 2006

From January 19, 2006

This morning, after waking at 6:30 with Duncan (an exceptionally happy child in the morning, which really is a good compromise since it is so freaking early after you’ve been awake at 1:00 am and again at 4:30 am), playing for a bit, eating, changing poopy diapers, then putting him in his crib where he happily blows raspberries and plays with his feet until he falls asleep by about 8:30, I put on my jeans. And they felt loose. Can I just say how happy this makes me? Now, they are not falling off me loose, but they are not as yes-I-can-wear-these-even-if-it-hurts tight that they were at Thanksgiving. Small victories sometimes are the best. This changes my entire outlook on the day. Really. Because yesterday I got so frustrated when I stepped on the scale but today it’s a whole new day. It’s a loose jeans kind of day, even if those jeans are 3 or 4 sizes from where I want to be…
Other things of note:
Duncan, at 7 and a half months is sitting by himself for longer and longer periods of time and with less and less support. This gives me conflicting emotions. Happy that my boy is getting strong and growing and that he doesn’t have to lie like a stranded turtle on the floor but sad because my sweet, tiny baby is turning into a more independent little boy. Sniff.
Did I mention the part about my jeans?
Husband Iain has only four more months to finish his MBA. This is VVG. Now we pray for big, important job. Time to go back to church.
Adult acne has come to roost. Why?
This weekend is triple coupons up to and including 75¢. The fact that this thrills me also frightens me.
I have a meeting next week at the university where I worked for six years before having
Duncan, about teaching a class in the fall. Can I lose ten pounds by Tuesday? What about really good undergarments?
Am also secretly thrilled that American Idol is back. It is my guilty pleasure.

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