Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well, it's been a while. I had my blog somewhere else and am going to try to figure out how to move old posts but am not sure I'll be able to.

But, to stay current for a moment, I am about to embark on another adventure. Not weight loss (although I'll catch you up on that, later) but money. You see, I had a real Lucy moment yesterday. Long story short, I messed up...big time. I neglected our checking account and got my husband and myself into a real bind. All my fault. So, we had a little "Lucy and Ricky" meeting last night and I am now on a budget, with an allowance.

Don't panic my friends! The allowance was my idea. My husband is not the dictator you are thinking he must be. I think I need some structure, since I gave up my own income a year ago to stay home and raise our boy. I'm feeling kind of hungover from yesterday (lots of crying, guilt among the whole raising a human being thing) and am quite pooped but will get started on my blogging of this today.

First of all, I need to spend less. So, my struggle with that will be put to written word. I think I'll do okay, but must get out of the habit of nickel and diming us to death. A coffee here, a magazine there, a six-dollar t-shirt, etc... You get the picture. It does add up. So, I am on a no-spending binge. What would you call that? Can there be a binge if it is a lack of something? I am not sure.

I need to find things to do that don't cost money, and I know they are plenty. It is spring and about to be summer and the boy and I need some free things to do.

I also will keep you updated on how I do with the allowance thing. Right now I'm giving some thought as to how much I really need. More later.

10 pounds lighter!

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