Thursday, November 15, 2012

To bicycle or not to bicycle



I was in Costco today with Claire and Finn and of course, we could not avoid the toy aisle.  How can you really avoid anything in Costco, other than say, the box springs or the cat food?  Anyway, there it was.  A Cinderella bike.  And who was most drawn to it?  Me.  I think mostly because it was BLUE and not some garish pinked up thing.  I loved that it was blue.  And the streamers don’t hurt.  And the little basket on the handle bars where you can put your “babies” but Claire would just cram all of her hard, plastic horses.  Oh, I love this bike. 

We’ve talked about bikes lately.  Duncan’s bike was his birthday present when he turned 6.  It’s a cheapie bike…I think I paid about fifty bucks for it.  But he has loved this bike.  With it’s broken-in-half pedals, old stickers, last year’s Fourth of July Parade’s decorations still in the spokes.  He loves it.  It buys him his freedom.  No bike was ever more loved.  But, it’s a real crapper and I think he would love a new one.  I think.  Maybe not.

Then there’s Finn.  He rides Duncan’s old tricycle.  Talk about a beater.  It’s worse than Duncan’s current bike! And you know what?  I think Finn loves that crappy old trike more than Duncan loves his bike.  Mostly because it’s his and it makes him more like Duncan.  He got a little excited when he saw the Cars2 bike at Costco, but not as much as I thought.  He told me he wants a Nerf gun bike. ???  He also wants a Nerf fun birthday cake. 

So, we are in the midst of examining our bike needs.  Stay tuned.

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