Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Recap



We had a really great weekend.  While Friday night is a blur, on Saturday we had the twins much belated birthday party.  Since Claire was in the hospital the week of the original party, we had it this weekend.  Had family and friends, good food, home made birthday cake, a big bounce house and perfect weather.  By the end of the day everyone, mostly me, was completely exhausted.  But it was totally worth it.  I love celebrating birthdays and I love feeding people. 

So, as you can imagine Sunday morning brought some grumpies.


But, we are serious in our commitment to get them to church on Sundays so off we went.  Claire was happy to wear Finn’s super hero cape (a HOMEMADE cape!  Gift from wonderful crafty friend!) and Finn was thrilled to carry his new Bible.  Duncan, well…he’s 7. 

After church was a lot of football.  On TV and in the front yard.


And of course, playing with new toys.  Finn + Legos = match made in Heaven. 


Realized quite late last night that Finn and Claire were supposed to bring a vegetable (I am not a fan of the word “veggie”…not sure why.) to school this morning.  Ended in late night Sprouts run.  Got a squash and a potato.


So again, by last night I was exhausted!  This morning’s coffee could not come fast enough.


Then I had to check out the Energy/Stress reduction formula on the vitamins at Sprouts.  They are pricey but might be worth it.


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  1. OKay I read your status on facebook and wondered why you were buying "sprouts" to put in soup. I just figured you were a rebel. Now I understand that Sprouts is a store. :) Carol-Ann