Friday, July 21, 2006

Stress! But I am going to be so hot!

I met with my new trainer today. I cannot believe her name is Candy, but it is. Candy! A trainer named Candy. Anyway, she and I mapped out a plan for me and I am going to be hot. I've never been hot, so it's very exciting for me.

On a less hot note, Duncan cried the entire time I had him in the childcare center at the gym while I met with Candy. Can't I call her rice cake or something? Ugh.

So, I go to get him and he's being held, a good thing, but has red puffy eyes, snot running down his nose and really gets upset when he sees me. They told me he cried the entire time. I had a feeling it might be bad because he's clung to me like a baby monkey all day today.

What is going on?

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