Friday, July 07, 2006

Things that Rock. By Duncan.

  1. Pulling every thing out of whatever containment unit they are in. This also applies to tissues;
  2. String cheese, graham crackers and baby goldfish crackers. Note that my mom also thinks the baby goldfish rock;
  3. Real keys;
  4. My outdoor swing;
  5. Walking behind a toy meant for that purpose, or walking behind a dining room chair. Doesn't matter.
  6. Rolling around on the sofa, a comforter on the floor, or a pile of pillows.
  7. Mom and Dad's bedroom, bathroom and generally anything of theirs that is really off limits.
  8. All of my teeth.
  9. Peekaboo
  10. Bath time, especially standing in the bathtub and freaking out my mom.

Things That Don't Rock:

  1. Having my toenails or fingernails trimmed. What are you doing to me?
  2. Walking past the back door without going outside to see the dog next door.
  3. Mom leaving.
  4. Dad leaving.
  5. Pushing my new toy and walking behind it, only to get stuck and be unable to move. This is a biggie.
  6. Having my faced wiped! Hatred!

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