Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Duncan woke up somewhere around 5 a.m. In my stupor, I led him out of my bed and told him to play quietly while I went back to sleep. Obviously I did go back to sleep because the next time I woke up, in one of those half-awake..half-dreaming kind of states, I could hear several crib aquariums blaring, laughter, squeaking of mattresses and "Mommy!". Not being awake enough to put it all together I got out of bed and found them all three in Finn and Claire's room. No one was in harm's way, gratefully. Finn was happily marching up and down in his crib with a bottle (did I bring that to him at some point? Or did Duncan? I still am not sure), and Duncan and Claire were in her crib. Along with every clean but not-yet-put-away piece of clothing and every baby blanket and sheet from the bottom shelf of the changing table. The only other evidence of mischief that was found was the Cool Whip tub on the kitchen counter.

In the Good News department, my Keurig seems to be working this morning and I have had two full cups of coffee, am about to have a third and become a functioning member of society.

We have no school today and my goal is to continue working to get the house ready for the parade of Realtors on Saturday. I've worked hard so far and have made some real progress. In the same vein, I have allowed most collections of Duncan's in the house but am drawing the line at his leaf and grass collection. We have had worm, hockey puck, rubber glove, rock, and moon (which was my personal favorite) collections.

We made a behavior chart this morning, for lack of a better term. Behavior signal? He has green, yellow and red circles, just like a traffic light, along with a wooden clothes pin with his name on it. I put the pin on the appropriate circle, according to his behavior. So far today, we have been in red one time and are currently on yellow...hoping to move back to green.

Rest of the day...blur...have vague recollections of short naps (oh, all too short), picking up raisins off of a rug, lots of diapers, a water hose...blur...time marches on...and then poof! I'm getting everyone ready for bed.

Then men are not doing too well tonight on Idol, by the way...I have fast-forwarded through just about all of them so far. Casey James was good, but Andrew Garcia is my pick. I pick him and the Bowersox chick. Okay, maybe not her...but she deserves it.

Oh, and those of you who commented after my Miracle posting (or emailed me) that my symptoms were exactly how you felt every time you were just need to behave.

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