Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miracle on Saxon Street

Oh my, y'all. I consider it truly amazing that I am sitting here, watching my DVR'ed America's Test Kitchen and not on a slab or in the ER. Okay, perhaps a bit dramatic but stay with me.

Iain had to leave for California again today, so he stayed home from church this morning (with Claire and Finn) and I took Duncan to church. No morning drama or stress (for the most part). Got home from church, helped Iain pack, then said goodbye to Daddy. It was a balmy 65 degrees here in Dallas, and so far, so good. My mom and my sister were coming over this afternoon to see the kids and have dinner with us. They got here about 2:30 and all three kids were delighted to see them. We goofed off, read books, played, chatted and watched the olympics all afternoon. Mom suggested we order pizza for dinner, which we did. Becky made a salad. Delish. Got everyone fed, and thought that at about 5:00 it was a good time for Duncan to get in the bath. Oh, and a pretty strong cold front blew through. Foreshadowing. I started to have a stomach ache right about the time Duncan went to go get in the bath, but thought to myself, "I should not have had three cups of coffee" (or whatever...) and didn't think too much about it. Then I got on the floor to put Finn in his nighttime diaper and bam. All of a sudden I was overwhelmed with nausea, a headache and felt more dizzy that I can remember feeling ever. Like, in my life.

When you are the mother to three very young children, and you start to feel as if you cannot function, many thoughts to through your head. For me they were things like, "How many of them will my mother and sister take home?", "What agency will I call to come and care for them if my mother and sister cannot?", "How long can they go without diaper changes, food, and milk?" "Perhaps I can convince Mom and Becky to take all three of them and they can just leave me here to die."

Oh, yes, it was that bad. I finally went to my bathroom in case the unthinkable began. Feeling very dizzy, I laid down on the cold tile, on my side. I really, truly, and honestly repeated, "Jesus, please heal me". It was kind of my old-Southern-woman moment. Cuz it seemed like He was the only one who could do anything for me at this point. I thought about asking them to take me to the ER, but knew Jesus wasn't there and the idea of being in an ER bed and not my own wasn't too great. I also remember thinking, "if anyone comes in here they might think I'm dead." So I sat up. Just in case. My mom is not a young woman, y'all. It could have gotten worse.

I sat on the floor of my bathroom for about 15 minutes while my mom bathed Duncan and my sister put the babies to bed. Thank you God that they were here.

Then, all of a sudden I had a feeling that this was going to pass. I could get up without everything going white and got on the bed. I stayed there for about 5 minutes, then went into the living room and knew I was already on the mend. An hour later, I felt almost completely fine. What is up with THAT? I was the strangest health-related thingie I've ever been through. Have had my FB peeps suggest virus, low blood sugar, MSG, my heart. My heart?? Egad.

I think it was a virus. And I think it was Jesus. Cuz He knew how much my life would suck to leave me that way!

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  1. Woodys Girl8:27 AM

    Wow, that sounds very scary! Thank goodness that you weren't home alone with the kids. Hooray for Mom and Aunt Becky. ;-)

    As to your experience... did you have any ringing in your ears, and/or did things sound particularly odd to you (as if your ears needed to pop, sounds being extra loud or quiet, or a pounding sensation on your eardrum/s)?

    The reason I ask is that I have had this type of thing happen to me before, and I have been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. Caffeine and salt can aggravate the symptoms (sound like you may have had a bit of both, at once, if you had pizza and coffee). I've felt so woozy that I had to lay on the floor, and it felt like the room was spinning (which increases the nausea).

    Try Googling that disorder, and see if it sounds anything like what you experienced. The cause is an imbalance inside your ear (my doctor described it as one of the tiny bones that affect your sensation of "balance" being dislodged in the wrong position). There are exercises that can be done to help "reset" your inner ear during an episode, which you may have actually done - accidentally - by laying on your side on the bathroom floor, and then sitting up.

    Stay well, dear Christie! {{{hug}}} Those babies need you.