Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lovely Cheerio Accents

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We are getting ready to list our house for sale. We have been in this house for ten years, and have never sold a home. We have three children under five. I am nervous about how things will go, but will just power through when our Realtor calls me to say, "I want to show your house in 15 minutes!" and I'm right in the middle of feeding lunch to the babies and Duncan has made one of his forts, using every pillow and blanket to be found for miles.

Just as an aside, don't y'all think that Shaun White's mother is about to bust a gut? That is one likeable kid.

Okay, back on topic. So, I have this fantasy that they should just be very realistic when describing our home "home to three small children...Cheerios everywhere...likely to find a pair of underwear on the floor...teeth marks in window sill...towel bar in hall bath missing because it was used as a sword...etc." I read those descriptions and can so easily read between the lines "Waiting for your touch!" means it looks like crap, basically. If there is old, dark paneling and original shag carpeting...just tell me. Don't tell me that this one owner home is in pristine shape and has many vintage touches throughout.

Realtors coming in 9 days to chat. Any tips for me???


  1. Your house has so much character and charm to it, it is adorable! People will see beyond the cheerios and underwear. ;) I remember how stressful it is to have your house on the market. I had broken my ankle right before and was on crutches. Luckily mom came to help with the boys and dog. :) We loaded up and left everytime someone came to look, but you do not necessarily have to. I know when we were looking for houses it was just nice to not have the owner there. I could say what I was thinking out loud. I would try to bake something beforehand. (cookies, brownies, something simple) The smell of that as you walk into a home is very inviting. You probably have already thought of this, but maybe a new wreath for the front door and a few flowers out front for curb appeal. My pansies survived the arctic blast, they are hearty. Maybe try to "de-clutter" to make your home look larger. We stored toys in large bins in a section of our garage. Also, clean closets make a good impression. These were just some of the things that we did. Whether it helped or not, who knows but we were able to sell our house in 30 days. Good luck with everything!!!

  2. I love it. That's what my kitchen floor looks like, too!