Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thoughts from today

  • No one in this house can breathe through their nose.
  • When I told Duncan to get ready for his bath tonight, I did not really mean "Go put on all of your hockey gear."
  • Moose Tracks ice cream is very tasty, but I will not eat any more of it.
  • Ellen makes an excellent judge on American Idol.
  • Four year old boys can be very, very stinky. And unbelievably funny. And emotional.
  • I love cooking meals for other people and bringing said meal to their door. It is enjoyable for me and feels good.
  • I wish I had thought of the Julia/Julia thing, except my name is not Julie so it wouldn't have been so catchy.
  • It will be thrilling when all three of our children can walk from the car to the door.
  • Duncan is a kid who can learn, but needs guidance and boundaries to do so. He also responds very well to rewarding good behavior.
  • I am seriously considering putting light blocking shades on all of the kids' windows.
Hoping that cold medicine will get me some rest tonight.


1 comment:

  1. Emily G.9:31 PM

    Girl, do the light-blocking shades. For sure. You deserve it.