Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Can't Even Lift My Arm

Oh my heck. One would think, by now, I would know it the instant my kid is going to have a puking sickness. Perhaps I live in a state of's just allergies. So when, this afternoon, Duncan crawled up on my mom's couch and stayed there for a few hours, it should have probably clicked in my head. I kept asking, "is it your tummy?" And he kept saying "No, it's my throat" (then added, for dramatic effect..."see, I can't even lift my arm.") I noticed he was getting sleepy, and decided it was probably time to go.

Did I mention it was cold? And raining? And I had a van full of groceries? And Iain is in Southern California? Just wanted to make sure I threw all that in.

I walked over to my mom's couch because my sister had told me he was falling asleep when I saw him. And I knew. Then I heard it. The pre-puke gagging. He does it every time. We all (my mom, my sister, and me...Claire and Finn were not terribly helpful) flew into action but it wasn't fast enough. He threw up all over my mom's couch. Oreos. My mom has raised four kids, so she knows kid puke. And does not get all panicky. Duncan gets kind of scared when he's vomiting, so he's crying, but I get him into the bathroom while my mom and sister try to keep the babies from crawling through the trail (OMG!) while whisking the blanket he'd been laying on into the washing machine.

I had already decided not to go to church tonight for dinner, and my MOPS Steering Committee meeting (sadness...I love those women and even a committee meeting is fun with them), because it was cold and rainy and unloading sleepy babies in the cold rain is well...sucky. Packed up everyone, and started home. Everything was going pretty smoothly...until I heard it. Again. Just as we topped the crest of the very high overpass that always freaks me out no matter how many times I drive over it. I pulled over, just near the "Don't Stop...There is a Prison Around Here" sign, walk to the back of the van (while staying IN THE VAN...Point. Minivan.) and clean him up the best I can and on we go.

So, got them all home. All in bed. So far so good.


  1. Oh no, Christie! I'm so sorry! Please call me if you guys need anything today. Both kids are in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My kids always seem to get sick when daddt is out of town as well. What's up with that?

  2. Samuel threw up Oreos once from his top bunk bed, all down the stairs, and all over his curtains. After steam cleaning the carpet 3 times, I finally gave up trying to get the black stains out, and put an area rug over the stains. Samuel's never eaten Oreos since. :-)

  3. Stars. In your crown. There will be many, my friend!!