Sunday, January 17, 2010

For a few reasons, today feels like a fresh start. A new week, cleared out alot of stuff at a great Mommy Swap last night, and am looking forward to a productive week.

Oh, and the Cowboys are in the playoffs, but I'm almost afraid to talk about it because you know, they are the Cowboys. Okay, well, that sentence was a total waste of time and space.

I now feel like I am getting the cold that the twins have both had. And Iain is leaving tomorrow. And there is no school until Thursday. Sudafed and Advil are my friends. This post will be short because my eyes hurt. You know how your eyes get kind of burny feeling when you are sick? That's how mine are. But I'm waiting for my turn in Duncan's room for "Mommy Time" so I will continue writing until then. I will probably fall asleep with him, and be all warm and cozy, then when I wake up thirty minutes later and come back out into the house I will feel cold. That's how it always is. He is like a space heater.

Oh, and I made the world's worst gravy today. I am usually a very good gravy maker. I come from a long line of spectacularly good gravy makers and grew up watching them. So, I can make a mean gravy. Any kind. Brown gravy, cream gravy, gravy from a pot name it. But today's? Was a horrific outcome. I think my biggest problem was that I made the roast in the crock pot and not in the dutch oven, in the oven. I like my Crock Pot, but am pretty convinced that the only way to a good pot roast is in the oven. Low and slow, but the oven. I did brown it first on the stove, then transferred it to the slow cooker. I then tried to use the brownings in my dutch oven to make the gravy. I would have probably been okay if I hadn't had a total lapse in brain power and added milk to it. It was like I had never made it before! I froze. Completely unable to remember how to do it.

I will try to give my poor, sad gravy new life as vegetable soup and let you know.

I think I need to go to bed. That whole gravy thing really took it out of me.

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