Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Thoughts Revisted

  • I wish I knew how to do more fancy stuff with this blog.
  • My hair is at that awkward stage where it's not short, but it's not long.
  • I am grateful for mild Texas winters, after living through the Bitter Blast of '09/'10.
  • I am once again getting sucked into The Bachelor. Why?
  • I do not understand why bridal consultants do not put the brakes on more brides who want to wear strapless.
  • I look forward to the day we are out of high chairs with great anticipation.
  • I love to read and have reading glasses everywhere. I get a little panicky when I can't find a pair. Kind of like how I feel about my Chapstick.
  • Why do the girls on The Bachelor wear high heels to Six Flags?
  • It really bugs when the girls on The Bachelor say things like, "I really like it when it's just him and I." It's him and me, ladies. Don't be afraid of grammar. (Can you tell what I'm watching right now?)
  • I love a good thrift store find and will brag about it probably more than is necessary.

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