Friday, January 15, 2010

Window To My World

I love my kitchen window sill. Is that two words? Because right now I cannot remember. To save my life. Anyhoo, I love it. In the spring, the view is my antique roses, green grass, trees, shade, sunshine, and now children. I also get sunsets, fall foliage and the occasional ice storm. I look out this window and sometimes see my husband coming home from work, or more often, inside the house from his garage office. I also use the sill for many things. Today, my sill tells this story:
  • Finn's sippy cup...he had some water then tossed it aside. He's not too great with the cup yet but I am trying to get him to use it during the day. Since it was just water, I rinsed it out and set it up on the sill to dry.
  • Nail clippers. Claire and Finn need their nails trimmed often. They both have allergies and will scratch their itchy little eyes at night and end up looking like we "let them play in a briar patch", according to my mother. The sill is one of the few places that even Duncan cannot reach. So I put them up there for safe keeping.
  • Tiny flower pot. This was part of one of the kids' Christmas stockings. I've put the seeds in it and water it daily in hopes the flowers will grow.
  • Candle holder made of sand, from Dollar General. I took Duncan to do his Christmas shopping at the dollar store and this is what he picked out for his dad for his office. It broke, but I think it can be glued and I keep meaning to at least go put it on a bookshelf in Iain's office, but I never do. Meanwhile, it sits on The Sill.
  • WalZyr - A/K/A Fake Zyrtec. See "all our kids have allergies."
  • Googley Eye - This came off of a turkey decoration that Duncan made for Thanksgiving in school. It's really cute because it has two googley big and one small. I love it. I need to glue this eye back on.
  • Bottle of vanilla extract. We made banana muffins today and this is just where I put it when I was done adding it to the batter.
  • Little People Shepherd and Baby Jesus. Apparently our Little People nativity scene got put away without at least one of its' integral characters.
  • Two medicine droppers. Integral to my life.
What does your windowsill say about you?
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  1. What a great post it!

  2. You are so creative.! Love reading your blog, Christie. Unfortunately my kitchen does not have windowsill.

  3. Such a fun post...I love having this little window into your life. :) My window sill is so tiny all it can hold is a tealight candle.