Thursday, October 08, 2009


So, my daughter, the one I was (secretly) the most afraid of raising is turning out to be a very interesting, engaging child. She still only has two teeth, compared to her twin brother's seven, so she still has that sweet, semi-gummy smile. And she is loud. She squaks. She protests. She defies us to lie her down in her bed and just leave her there. I am intrigued by her. Oh, and me? The mom who said I would never do bows, but probably just do cute, preppy, grosgrain ribbon headbands later? Is Googling "bald baby hair bows". It's a slippery slope, people. Had a friend in MOPS make me some little ribbon hair clips and I'm completely sucked in.

However, my sweet, bald, almost toothless baby girl has this scratching problem. She really can go to town on her forehead at night. Not sure why she's doing it, and it has gotten better but there are some days that I get her out of bed and she looks like she's been in a barfight. I suspect allergies...and we've started her on Nasonex. And let me tell you how fun that is.

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