Monday, October 26, 2009

A pretty croupy birthday

We had Claire and Finn's birthday party yesterday. Duncan is almost completely recovered from his croup, if not completely. Claire was still about 50% and I could see the look in Finn's big baby blues that he was not feeling great. Party on! What kind of mother would I be if I cancelled the party because the guests of honor were coughing their little rapidly-forming brains out?

To be fair, Finn did not start to go downhill until after church. I knew when he took back to back naps, then threw up all over his aunt Becky (a dead give-away, huh? Yes, I am a genius.). But, after he threw up he bounced back nicely and enjoyed his singing, cake, and presents until he could stand no more and went to bed all wheezy.

We are so blessed to have our family, and to have them close by, and to have them love our children so very deeply.


  1. Look at Finn's hair... ADORABLE!!

  2. Happy birthday to your twosome.

  3. You'll be telling them the story of this birthday for years and years. It's the stuff memories are made of. :)