Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home Alone

When I was working, and more importantly had no children, if I felt sick I just made a phone call, hopefully got voice mail, and left a message that I was sick and would not be coming into work today.

*Note that oldest is pouring Nerds from plastic pumpkin onto floor while I type and I'm remaining quite calm*

I would lie on the couch, drink hot tea, sleep off and on and watch TV (oh, if we'd only had DVRs back then.) Good times.

So now, as moms, we power through these days on Advil, Sudafed, tea, water, coffee, whatever your drug of choice. I happen to find Advil and Sudafed particularly effective...that and the promise of bedtime. I did have to call for backup one time in particular that I was hit with the flu in the span of about ten minutes. I "only" had one child at the time (so silly...one child is not an "only"...they take up 100% of you too, but I digress) and immediately called my mom and sister to come get him so I would not die in his presence. Okay, not that I actually was going to die. But I wished I would at that point with that particular flu.

So yesterday and today I am powering through! At least God in His infinite mercy saw it fit to strike Duncan with croup while I was sick. So while I would never wish illness upon any of my children, I am grateful for it sometimes.

As a side note, I have a fort in my family room that is growing by the hour...slowly taking over the house.

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