Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Duncan woke up a bit too early for me, so I let him come into the living room with the promise he'd sit quietly and watch TV until I was ready to get up. Ahh...hello friend, your name is futile. I got up a bit later, and came in here with him (by now it was almost 7:00 so I was not completely grumpy). By 7:30 Claire and Finn were ready to be scooped out of bed and gotten out of there completely soggy diapers. Note to Pampers People: Your overnight diapers are crummy. Back to Huggies for me.

It's now 9:01 and Duncan is already asking to make Halloween cookies. Why do I even give him a glimmer of hope before I'm ready to do something? He has gone to get the flour out of the pantry and I'm still not dressed with only one cup of coffee in my system and both babies no where near ready for a nap. As I speak, they are both crawling towards the electric outlet in the floor with a gleam in there eyes. Said outlet is babyproofed. Finn now has my reading glasses in his hands. I should go. More later.

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